UGG Boots - The Last Word In Fashion For The Feet

No matter what people say Ugg boots are the ultimate in style, warmth, and comfort. When it comes to these boots there are only two kinds of people-the ones who love these boots and swear by them, and others who hate them. But love it or hate it, everybody admits that there's no denying the novelty of these Ugg bailey button boots. Nowadays when people are becoming increasingly fashion conscious and are running from one product to another just to find that one trendy pair of shoes, it is quite refreshing to see UGG Australia designing shoes keeping only comfort factors in mind.

Ugg boots are shoes that originate in Australia's popular culture. These are shoes made of genuine sheepskin leather that feel incredibly soft and warm to the feet. The shoes are somewhat bigger in size than the usual boots and a lot of people find the look of these shoes repelling. In fact the term 'ugg' has its origin in the English word 'ugly.' In the beginning, the shoes were popular among the shepherd community in Australia, but gradually they started becoming common among surfers and farmers in the country because of the amazing comfort they provided. A version of these shoes was called Flying Ugg (FUG) boots and became popular during the First World War, when pilots used to wear them.

Sometime in the 1970s an American company named Deckers Corporation patented the term Ugg and started manufacturing these boots through their subsidiary company UGG Australia. Till date these boots are still made by local manufacturers in Australia; however they now call them Australian Sheepskin boots. Thanks to commercialization by the premium brand the shoe is now wildly popular among all age groups and around the world. Even fashion conscious people are going that extra mile to get a pair of the Ugg bailey button boots.

In fact just because these shoes from UGG Australia are different from everything else that is available in the market they have caught the fancy of the style conscious people as something that is a brand new fashion statement. From giving warmth and comfort to surfers after they come out of the waves, to serving as unique new style statements for the hip and trendy of this world these sheepskin shoes from Australia have come a long way. In other words they are time tested and you can be sure that if you're paying for a pair of Ugg bailey button boots, you're investing your money correctly. When they were initially launched in the market there was a lot of apprehension surrounding these shoes, but now there is a definite certainty that Ugg boots are here to stay, and if you don't get yourself a pair of these shoes while they are still here you're missing something.

These shoes from UGG Australia come in so many colors and styles that it is difficult for even the most discerning shoe expert to keep track of all of them. For men these shoes come in a range of basic colors and patterns and they can wear the shoes with jeans and shirts to get the rugged yet casual look. Women's boots come in a wider range of colors and styles and can be worn with jeans or with short skirts. Or, of course you could choose to wear these boots with any kind of winter and ski wear.